Know The Joy Of Good Living

by Dead Like Harry

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Released in February 2010 on The Label Records, 'Know The Joy Of Good Living' received critical acclaim throughout the UK,
"each track is a wonderfully crafted love letter to a romanticised reality somewhere between Sheffield and Arizona." - The Sun
" This is an undiscovered gem." - Sunday Mercury
"Know The Joy of Good Living is a lively pop album that is wholeheartedly infused with American Country vibes." - Yorkshire Post
"At their best, they're something like a Yorkshire E Street Band juggernaut." - Selby Times


released February 2, 2011

All songs written by Samuel J Taylor and Matthew Taylor
All songs arranged by Dead Like Harry
Produced by Alan Smyth
Recorded at 2fly Studios, Sheffield, 2009.



all rights reserved


Dead Like Harry Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Streets
She comes running down the street,
My heart beats fast and I can't speak,
The words get caught on my lips,
She turns and smiles at me.

A kiss upon my neck,
Driving past these moonlight wrecks,
White lines were racing by,
Running through my mind.

I'm not dreaming tonight,
I'm not dreaming, I'm not dreaming,
I'm not dreaming tonight,
The streets they are alive.

Light falling from the stars,
Running fast and racing hard,
No magic makes me dissapear,
It's you.

So don't leave me here alone,
We got this far, let's just keep going,
Let's see where we can go,
Please don't take me home.


Track Name: I Couldn't Love You Anymore
Smiles in the room leading me astray,
She walked in through the morning and out the next day,
Hands held in the kitchen, we kissed on the stairs,
I stumbled up to your room, you messed up my hair.

I couldn't love you anymore
I couldn't love you anymore, even if I tried,
I couldn't love you anymore,
I couldn't love you anymore, even if I tried.

So I start writing you letters to tell you the truth,
But I always say too many words and hide it from you,
There's something in the secrets, romantic in me,
Little stories, little moments, just my little dreams.


If I can promise you one thing, I'll never be true,
But that doesn't mean I'll stop loving you,
Just means I'm useless when you're not around,
I'm weak from the touch, fall hard to the ground.

Do you want to know me truly and hold me in your hands?
Will it make you happy if you understand?
That there's only one difference between me and you,
I wear my heart on my sleeve, I've got nothing to lose.

Track Name: 1000 Miles (Living For A City)
Jessie, will you take me back into the city,
Where the streets first held our hands?
Where I first tucked your photo in my wallet,
And we dreamed of foreign lands.

With so many miles to run away,
From the years that kept you young,
With so much more from the bottom of your pocket,
To pretend where you come from,
Still you're the same, just playing the games,
That we played long ago,
Maybe you never needed to change,
Just needed your city to grow,

You're leaving,
Thousand miles,
We were living for a city,
Couldn't find a way back home
You're leaving,
Thousand miles.

Too young, too old, too foolish and bold,
Too careless, classless and free,
Lost in a world that shuts your eyes,
And keeps you blind, you'll see,
Forget your dreams of foreign lands,
And bury yourself in the ground,
Was that your sunset setting low,
Or your lightbulb blowing out?

On your own

You're leaving
Thousand miles

Living for a city,
Couldn't find a way back home.
Track Name: You're Not Alone
I've been waiting outside your door,
For about an hour, or maybe more,
How long do you want me to wait?
I'd stay right here for a year and a day.

Now it's Christmas time again,
The years fly past since we were friends,
The markets are back in the towns,
Selling all the secrets that we buried in the ground.

When we were young and free,
Some simple minded mystery,
Somewhere deep in my heart,
I remember that feeling grow.

You're not alone, alone, alone,
You're not alone, alone, alone,
No, no.

The stars they whisper names,
The moon she sat in my window frame,
Tilted you lay your head,
Caressed by time and the words unsaid.

As I watched you drift in sleep,
And time moves both ways when you dream,
I hope someway you'll find,
Your mind, your mind.


With you,
With you.

'Cos I am here with you.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Track Name: Driving To Nowhere
I can still hear the sound of you leaving,
The sound of you closing the door,
It haunts my dreams, stays in my mind,
Something I just can't ignore,

I'm driving to nowhere,
I'm losing my mind,
I'm trying to get to somewhere,
To fall apart this time

A kiss in a lonely room,
A night in a strangers bed,
Now your picture looks empty upon my wall,
Just a memory of something you said,


Lost in a sea of lonely words,
Part of me is breaking away,
I stare in the night, at the space in my life,
Do my reasons for reason remain?

Track Name: Sarah
It's not down to you to tell me who to be,
I'm what I am, I'm what you see,
Maybe I hide between too many lies,
But you don't trust me, I see in your eyes.

So calm your tongue, you're turning on,
Your fiery flames could burn the sun,
I want you now before how long,
You'll find out soon, if I'm not gone.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah,
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

Tears like oceans flood your eyes,
And dreams of someday flying by,
When did your voice go tighten up,
Like a noose around my lonely touch?

So carry on dancing with your queens,
Your scarlet make-up cracks and bleeds,
Your scarf still covers your lips and mouth,
And nobody here can hear you now.


So drink up, drink on, life's just begun,
This is just the point of moving on,
We will never be quite the same,
I know that now, these things have changed.

The Earth still turns, the moon aswell,
Stars and suns still live to tell,
Tell their tales of what they've seen,
When the joker danced alone with the queen.

Track Name: Road Trip
Got to thinking about my life,
About the way that it been,
Got to thinking of you looking at me.
Can't believe it's so long ago,
Still see the lights in your window,
The nights were cold outside your door.

My mind was racing all last night,
It's just the way that it goes,
I was turning around and looking back down.
White pages and blinding lights,
Rising words that echo through my mind,
Take me to a place where you said to me,

Let's take a road trip, out of town though,
Drive out along the long roads,
Music playing, daylight fading,
Nothing comes close to how it feels.

Trying to paint a picture of you,
With a handful of words,
Got caught on the wind, scattered around.
Fallen leaves and icy roads,
A forest track of footprints in the snow
We were hidden in dreams and moments in time.

How it feels.

Let's take a road trip.
We're on our own now.
Daylight fading.

Track Name: What A Bloody Shame
I tried to catch the twighlight,
Walked into a dark night,
Somewhere down a dusty road.
On my way to nowhere,
Tryin' to get to somewhere,
Somewhere I thought I'd know.

I was only sixteen,
She was just a sweet dream,
She was from a broken home.
Fire in her eyes,
Like the sun up in the sky,
She would never have known.

What a bloody shame,
You messed up again,
And it was going oh so well,
Flowers on the track,
A weight on your back,
You're gonna end up on your own.

We never walked the same way,
But somehow on the same day,
I saw her on the corner alone.
I asked her if she knew me,
She just looked right through me,
We fell into a broken home.


I was holding on too tightly,
Dropped the girl politely,
What a mistake, I know.
Lost myself in my mind,
Forgetting all the good times,
Bittersweet and feeling alone.

Track Name: Satellite
My love, sets the night on fire,
Life comes rolling down from a thunder cloud,
When you see the silver streams rising higher.

But tonight, you seem so far away,
Seems there's no escape from the life I choose,
But all I want is to see you again.

I'm giving up the fight,
Then your love comes down on the waves,
From a satellite.

I wanna hear the sound,
Of your satellite spinning around.

Streets line the fields, the cities dwell outside,
I turn my gaze to another place,
To another world that lives inside.

Cut down, cut loose, in the morning sun,
Seems that life goes by on a hurricane,
While the loving making keeps me young,
Oh so young.



My love, sets the night on fire,
Life comes rolling down from a thunder cloud,
When you see the silver streams rising higher.

But tonight, you seem so far away,
Seems there's no escape from the life I choose,
But all I want is to see you again.

Track Name: When We Were 17
How can we make all these mistakes?
When we're so young and free of hate,
It's love that leads us astray.
So far removed is he from you,
And you from me, and me from you,
What will you decide to do?

Sweet jealous eyes that no-one trusts,
Your mislaid plans for someones touch,
Young teenage hearts still wander free.
Before there's love, there's always lust,
God knows how hard I hit the dust,
As soon as you let go of me.

My girl, she stands outside,
Screaming for her life,
We were so much older,
When we were seventeen.

So I run down the tracks behind the store,
Where once you came, and once I saw,
How two can deceive such a fool.
Oh but then you point, avoid the blame,
That this time girl it's all the same,
I think I lay it all on you.


'Cos the rhythm made us dancers,
And the dream moves on, advances,
Long loveless romances
To live out in the corridors of deceit.

Call me a friend and I'm someone,
Call me a friend and I'm no-one,
Call me what you want
In the corridors of deceit

Track Name: Cross The Water
I'll sit and cross the water,
If it's the last thing I'll do,
I'll wait out there on the other side,
I'll wait right there for you.

She came to me on the water,
I laid down in the boat,
A dark hair wrapped around my mouth,
I started to sink and choke.

Blinded by my raging mind,
I could never understand,
Why these thoughts and dreams I'd saved for you,
Should be taken from my hand.

I'll send my love to you,
If it's the last thing I do,
Cross the water to the other side,
And I'll wait right there for you.

I said I was waiting for you,
You're the one I cant leave behind,
Take these words from off my lips,
For you I promise I'd walk the line.

Forgive my love for losing faith,
For faithless hands cast a fateful face,
I know you'd cross the water with me,
No-one else could take your place.


Send my love, send my love, send my love to you.
Send my love, send my love, send my love to you.
Send my love, send my love, send my love to you.
Send my love, send my love, send my love to you.
Send my love, send my love, send my love to you.
Track Name: Cherry Street
The villains run through the night,
Down the darkened streets of lunar light,
Thats shine as bright as stars to me,
As they make their way back home.

Back down on Cherry Street,
Where the wheels roll and the poets speak,
They come running fast to catch the news,
Before it gets told.

Are you a poet or a thief?
Just the dust beneath my feet,
All your promises I keep,
Show you mean nothing to me.

Now near the Boardwalk down in the city,
They start fires for the girls, so pretty,
The girls just light their cigarettes,
And blow the fires out.

Let me tell you paradise is a poor man's game
I try to make them listen, but they're all the same,
And if the water's deep, I'll lose my feet,
But I wont fall down again.


Time's lost for words,
I whisper sweet nothigns as the corners turn,
Did you lie to me?

Now down on Cherry Street,
Still fighting, but as least we fight to breathe,
To keep this iron lung afloat,
In the town we call our home.


Through the words of last years man,
I'm still doing all I can,
Down on Cherry Street, the lights are shining,
The world is waiting there.